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ATdesigns goes GREEN from 'Coast to Coast'

What's good for the environment - can also be good for your business!

ATdesigns remains committed to the development and use of only 'environmentally friendly' materials and production at all of our North American manufacturing facilities. For several years now, we have been experimenting with, and perfecting, all of our environmental materials and processes. We have already met the strictest of standards demanded by the California environmental codes, as well as, fully complied with the closely monitored lead-free requirements of the Jewelry industry.

Now we're fully prepared to offer all of that expertise to our many valued Promotional and Recognition customers - it's time for all of us to do our part!

This is not only good for the environment, but also good business sense if we all ensure that our clients are being offered the highest quality of 'domestic production' in the ever tightening requirements of 'Environmental Law'. We should all do our part to ensure the future viability of our planet - while making sure to maintain the health and longevity of our individual companies.
“We’re always thinking about tomorrow - so you don't have to"
GREEN benefits available for your use today:
  • Lead-Free metals offered in all product lines
  • Water based sprays replace solvents in the application of lacquers
  • Use of only virgin metal to control specified contents - but all overruns and quality control rejects are 'recycled' for use by others
  • Economical E-Coat lacquer finish uses only water based immersion materials
  • Popular Electro-plated process utilizes various water re-use systems to reduce or eliminate discharge
  • Focus on 'domestic' production to reduce potential for water and air pollution associated with container ships and air transport from Asian suppliers
  • Packaging materials all recycled to reduce stress on paper and wood products
  • Processes and materials in California facility compliant with Proposition 65 - the
    Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986
For more information or to get started on the future today -
Please contact your sales representative at your earliest convenience.
  • Environmentally Responsible Awards & Promotional Products
  • Lead Free metals and added colors offered in all product lines
  • Made in North America
  • Unbeatable production capabilities - shipping coast to coast
  • Keep the jobs at home and buy locally
  • Reduce the carbon footprint by not shipping products from Asia
  • Buy responsibly, buy locally, produce locally
  • Competitive pricing, and feel good about your purchase
  • What's good for the environment can be good for business
  • AT Designs, planning for tomorrow, so you don't have to.
Free Flyer for Distributors to Use with their Customers
  • If you would like to promote the use of Green Products with your customers, we have prepared
    a flyer that you can print on your computer printer, or photocopy onto your own letterhead.
  • The flyer shows recent product examples, and also promotes buying from Domestic sources.
  • There is no mention of AT Designs on this flyer.
  • The file is available in a high resolution PDF which is suitable for printing.
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photo with blank header
Please click to see a larger
photo printed on letterhead
This link will give a quick PDF for your review  
This link is for the high resolution PDF for printing  
AT Green Products Flyer - For Distributors Only

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  • The flyer to the left is available to you in high resolution PDF format for printing and distribution as you see fit.
  • A second version on the right, without ATdesigns logo or contact information, is also available in a high resolution PDF format upon request.
  • You can personalize this second version with your contact information when promoting the green message - or use it simply to introduce ideas of how our custom products can be used in your client's recognition and promotional programs
  • Please email us for additional information, or if you wish to use the high resolution files of the flyers presented. Please specify which flyer is of interest when making request.

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