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Free Flyer for Distributors to Use with their Customers
  • If you would like to promote the use of Green Products with your customers, we have prepared a flyer that you can print on your computer printer, or photocopy onto your own letterhead.
  • The flyer shows recent product examples, and also promotes buying from Domestic sources.
  • There is no mention of AT Designs on this flyer.
  • The file is available in a high resolution PDF which is suitable for printing.
  • If you prefer, you can use the JPG version to add to your website, send in an email, or add to a Word Document
Please click to see a larger
photo with blank header
Please click to see a larger
photo printed on letterhead
This link will give a quick PDF for your review Medium Sized JPG
This link is for the high resolution PDF for printing Larger Sized JPG
AT Green Products Flyer - For Distributors Only
Please click to see a larger photo Medium Sized JPG     Large Sized JPG
  • The flyer to the left is available to you in high resolution PDF format for printing and distribution as you see fit.
  • A second version on the right, without ATdesigns logo or contact information, is also available in a high resolution PDF format upon request.
  • You can personalize this second version with your contact information when promoting the green message - or use it simply to introduce ideas of how our custom products can be used in your client's recognition and promotional programs
  • You may also use the JPG on your website, attach to an email message, or use inside of a Word document
  • Please email us for additional information, or if you wish to use the high resolution files of the flyers presented. Please specify which flyer is of interest when making request.

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